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Meaningful subjects (Was: ldap...)

I'll try to be pedantic as little as possible.

I'm at a total loss of spare time (and I guess
many of us are, otherwise we wouldn't have
subscribed to openldap-software ;).  As a
consequence, I read about 10-20% of the traffic,
using the subject, and sometimes the sender,
to pick those messages I might be interested to.

What should I (and, I assume, 90% of the readers)
do when the subject of a message is "ldap..."?

My suggestion, based on personal experience,
is: first, write the message, THEN write the
subject.  If you start from the subject, most
of the time the message will contain something
different and the subject will be ambiguous;
in he other cases, it'll be too generic, like the
one that originated my pedantic reply.

Let me anticipate the most trivial comment:
why did I write this if I'm out of spare time?
Let's call this an investment for the future.

Thanks, p

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