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Re: What's usefulness of monitor backend?

>   Hi!
>     After reading answers about backend monitor, i wonder what is the
> usefulness of monitor if it doesn't save information in real time about
> state of my directory.
>    I want search about the number of modifications accomplished in my
> directory, and i want to know how could i do it?

Try this:

- set up a running directory
- add "database monitor" to slapd.conf
- don't put any special ACLs on the
  cn=monitor naming context
- run ldapsearch -b 'cn=monitor' '*' '+'
  and see what you get
- if you can't find anything useful
  out of it, then don't use back-monitor

"number of modifications" is a bit vague.
If you look at the "cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor"
subtree, you'll find the number of: bytes,
pdu, referrals and entries sent by the DSA;
if you look at the "cn=Operations,cn=Monitor"
subtree, you'll find the number of: bind,
unbind, add, delete, modrdn, modify, compare,
search, abandon and extended operations
performed by the DSA.

Unfortunately there's no split of these
info between each database, or gouping
by backend type.



Pierangelo Masarati