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Re: ldapi socket permissions

tor, 05.02.2004 kl. 17.09 skrev Dieter Kluenter:

> Can I now with 2.2.x pass a permission parameter to slapd at startup 
> and how is that done?

I use ldapi - when possible - with 2.2.5.

The following worked with 2.1.25, in my startup script (o.k., it's
actually a bit otherwise, but this is it essentially):

slapd -u ldap -h 'ldap:/// ldaps:///

But it don't work no more with 2.2.5, - seems to be broken in that

So I just force it; in the same startup script, after the above line:

/bin/chmod 4777 /usr/local/var/ldapi

Easy as that.

Mind you, the thought of that 4777 socket is nauseous at the least, but
there you go,



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