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RE: Quick Start Guide - newbie question

> Now you need to ask yourself, why is none of my entries matching?
> Here's two clues:
> 1. you are binding to the ldapserver as 'anonymous'. That means, you are
> viewing the contents of the directory as a very special and
> beloved user, the
> 'anonymous' user. It might well be that the user 'anonymous' has no
> permissions to see any of the existing entries. So, for this
> anonymous user,
> the directory, is, well.... empty.
> Try reading  http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=320
> for a little information on ACL's.
> 2. Oh... So maybe binding as anonymous is not such a good idea
> (depending on
> your ACL). Try, on the command-line,
> 	man ldapsearch
> which is what the clever people on this and any other list mean when they
> refer to 'ldapsearch(1)' or 'slapd.access(5)' or 'slapd(8)'
> Whenever you see such thing, forget about the (1), (5), (8) and just do
> 	man slapd.access
> or
> 	man slapd
> or, if you really want to know about (1), (5) and (8), do
> 	man man
> Please note that the last line of the 'manpage' looks something like this:
> 	OpenLDAP 2.1.25             2003-12-05              LDAPSEARCH(1)
> It denotes the version of the man page, which SHOULD be the same
> version as
> the software you are running. If you post to this list, ALWAYS name the
> version of OpenLDAP you are running, preferably also what
> Operating System
> you are running, and possibly versions of other software that is
> intertwined
> with openLDAP.
> Good luck,
> Ace

Thanks! At last, a clue! (Not sure how  the stuff about man chapters is
relevant, but hey.) Took me three posts and eight replies to get there but
thanks all! I'm off to read the Administrator's Guide about access rights
now. Serves me right for reading the Quick Start without reading all the
other docs first.