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Re: Did someone try Heimdal with openldap-2.2.x as backend ?

Hi List,
hi Quanah,

thank you for quick response ..
it seems to work, as there are no complains from slapd ..

greets Harry

Quanah Gibson-Mount schrieb:

--On Thursday, February 05, 2004 6:12 PM +0100 Harry Rüter <harry_rueter@gmx.de> wrote:

Hi everybody,

i'm trying to use openldap-2.2.x as backend for
Heimdal 0.6 ....

I followed the instructions on the PADL-site ...
but ... the schema-file (krb5-kdc.schema) seems not to runn under
openladp 2.2.x ..
Any ideas/hints ?

Yes -- The krb5-kdc.schema file has no one maintaining it or keeping it up to date. It is not a RFC standard, so there is no driving force for anyone to do so. However, we currently use it @ Stanford, and I keep our own local copy up to date with the changes in the OpenLDAP schema rules.

Attached is our version.


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