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How to use the referral in slapd.conf?


This gets asked too many times I'm sure, but I can't find anything in the
archives or the Admin guide that makes me understand how to use the referral
setting in slapd.conf

I have a slapd (2.1.25) server running on my WinXP box and it's working
great. I even have a reference (subordinate knowledge referral) setup which
points to another  of my LDAP servers that houses a portion of my subtree

However, now I want to try out the referral stuff. From my readings, it
appears all I need to do is add something like this

	referral: ldap://root.openldap.org:389

to my slapd.conf, restart slapd and then my server will return a referral to
that LDAP server if I ask for a suffix that is not in my server.

My server's suffix is "dc=fred,dc=org" so, I do this

	ldapsearch -x -b "dc=OpenLDAP,dc=org" "(objectClass=*)"

and expect that my results will be a referral to the root.openldap.org
server. Instead, all I get is the annoying "no such object" error.

I've tried referring to other servers and various other search parameters to
no avail...

Am I searching incorrectly, or am I misunderstanding how to setup the

Thanks for any help you can provide,