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RE: How look at default value Berkeley db

I'm sorry, my question was not clear(about link: page cannot be found).
How can I show the all values of BDB
(set_cachesize,set_lg_regionmax,set_lg_max,.....) that
I could configure with slapd.conf and DB_CONFIG?
I have read the BDB documentation (not all) and I know some default values
but is it possible to have a global view
About values?
I look at a file in db-4.2.52/dist/tags: Are here the values
For default config DB? And if yes what is unit's measure

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"amendola maurizio" <m.amendola@finecogroup.it> writes:

> Hi at all
> How or where is it possible to know what they are the default Values 
> that openldap&BDB using?

The default database size is 256 KB

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