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RE: Purely LDAP-based Automounts

>> >I'm not sure that's an appropriate forum either.
>> Maybe not.  But this list certainly isn't the appropriate forum.
>> The key point is that autofs-ldap is NOT OpenLDAP Software.
>> Questions specific to autofs-ldap should be taken elsewhere.
>It does seem that there is a need for openldap integration information
>exchange and if it were possible for openldap.org to create a message
>base for that, it might be very well traffic'ed and thus, remove most of
>the temptation to use this message base.


For PAM & NSS related LDAP questions - there is the PAM related list.

For Samba related LDAP questions - there is the Samba list.

For Sendmail related LDAP questions - there is the Samba list.

For Redhat specific LDAP questions - there are the RedHat lists.


There is *NO* (IMNSHO) shortage of appropriate forums for most of the 
"off-topic" posts I see.

People need to  - stop -  read -  and realize what they usually have is 
ultimately not even an LDAP related question, but concerns the operation 
of a specific package (PAM, NSS, Samba, etc...) 

For general LDAP questions (schema, etc...) there is the general LDAP list 
at umich.