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Re: Too many candidates on ldapsearch

--On Monday, February 02, 2004 11:36 AM -0500 Marc-Andre Gaudreau <Marc-Andre.Gaudreau@USherbrooke.ca> wrote:

Working filters :

(&(cn=marc)(objectClass=person))  =>  ("cn" seems to be ok...)
(&(objectClass=person)(givenName=marc)(sn=gaudreau))  => (because the
objectClass condition is before everything else, this works fine)

Non-working filters :

(&(givenName=marc)(sn=gaudreau)(objectClass=person))  => (this time the
objectClass condition is at the end and this does not work)
(&(givenName=quanah)(sn=gibson)(objectClass=person))  => (same problem
but with "sn" instead)
(&(givenName=joe)(sn=gibson)(objectClass=person))  => (this still does
not work because of the "Gibson-Mount" entry)

Hi Marc,

I still am unable to recreate this behavior. I've done the following search:


And it immediately returns with nothing, where suafsstatus=active is an index that has thousands of matches, and objectclass=posixaccount also returns thousands of matches. "cn=gibson" is a cn entry with the first bit hyphenated (like cn=gibson-gibson brown).

Changing it go (cn=gibson*) correctly returns with a number of matching entries.


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