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RE: SAMBA and LDAP (and PAM?)

Philip, I've been watching for replies to your query but have seen none.  I
am interested in doing exactly the same thing.  The only way I could think
of doing it was to set-up a local LDAP server and use back-ldap to pass
authentication requests onto another LDAP server.  I got as few replies that
indicated that this is possible but I haven't had chance to pursue it as
yet.  If you search the archives for messages with a subject thread of
"Backend authentication" you'll see the replies I got.

Please let me know how you get on (I will do the same of course).

  Simon Oliver

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> Subject: SAMBA and LDAP (and PAM?)
> Hi all,
> I know there is a lot of docs on the subject of 
> PDC+Samba+LDAP, but what 
> I'm trying to do is just simple user authentication of a samba server 
> against an openldap server...the Windows clients that would 
> access the 
> samba shares are either standalone or part of a domain not within the 
> scope of the samba and ldap servers.  Is this possible 
> without having to 
> add the samba.schema (or otherwise muck with the existing ldap server 
> config)?  Can a samba->pam->ldap scheme be used?
> Thanks,
> Philip Juels
> pjuels@rics.bwh.harvard.edu