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Re: Graphing ldap statistics

Well, I've found that OpenLDAP2.1 has back_monitor and here are a few
references for how to set this up using mrtg (now I need to upgrade):



On Sun, 01 Feb 2004, Micah Anderson wrote:

> I am wanting to gather ldap/slapd statistics and graph them so we can have a
> better idea of what is going on when at what times of days. We are having
> intermittant slapd problems (dies unexepectedly) and I think it would be
> very instructive to know that it dies every time there are greater than 500
> binds at once, or something like this. Has anyone looked into this problem
> and can share how they did it? It would be great if there were a way to do
> it in mrtg or something similar.
> Thanks,
> micah