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Re: Samba 3.0.1 and OpenLDAP 2.2.4 with TLS


Martin Ritchie <martin.ritchie@kelvininstitute.com> writes:

> Hi all I know this may be more a Samba question but I'm hoping this is
> something someone else has done.
> I've been searching the lists and web for an answer but i'm stumped
> hope some one here has an answer for me. As I'm new to this sysadmin
> role.
> I have set up OpenLDAP to authenticate our linux users and exim
> MTAs. This all works fine with OpenLDAP only providing a ldaps:///
> connection on 636.
> However I cannot for the life of me get samba to speak tls to it. I've
> seen numerous suggestions of simply putting
> ldap ssl = start_tls or
> ldap ssl = on
> in the smb.conf file but neither do the trick my dev platform that
> doesn't use tls works fine. However I get the following responses from
> the above two options.

Samba-3.x supports ldap_start_tls but not ldap over ssl. That is
ldap ssl = start tls (without underscore), try testparm -v to test
your configuration.
For further info ask a samba list.


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