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Multi-threaded Client Development With libldap_r

I'm developing a library which uses libldap_r and it must service
simultaneous search requests on a single open connection.  These search
requests must all access one LDAP handle at the same time and must be able
to concurrently return results with out blocking.

Is this type of functionality currently possible to develop using libldap_r?
A lot of documentation I've been able to find about the library states that
it is thread-safe; however, I've read some archived list posting that state

Kurt posted a response to a similar question back in January 2002, but I'm
not sure if the answer given still holds true today:


There was also a recent conversation on the dev mailing list about this


If the answer is "no, it's not directly supported", is there anything
available similar to the functionality in the Mozilla LDAP C libraries that
can be tied into (ldap_thread_fns, etc.)?


Thanks in advance,