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OpenLDAP Performance

Dear All,

Since I am planning to do some work on OpenLDAP performance I would like to
know if you guys could me suggest what you would think to be important for
your environment.
I would like to begin trying to understand what a LDAP server should perform
and how to measure it's performance.
final objective is to point out how to configure best the backend of
OpenLDAP, for which apps,  which DBs ( DBD, LDBM, HDB, ... ) and how to be
fine tuned. But all this with concrete data at hand.

If someone would to partecipate, maybe better we don't disturb too much this
listing, the results at the end will be interesting for everybody, 
therefore post only to me.

If you're thinking this could be of "life" interest for this list, please
let us know ......