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Re: client can StartTLS from ldapsearch but not getent/pam_ldap

"ssl start_tls" is not a valid directive in the OpenLDAP ldap.conf file. It
may be valid in PADL's ldap.conf file. "TLS_CACERT" is an OpenLDAP directive,
and probably not a PADL directive. As is often the case, you have confused
the two packages. Your problem is most likely due to your PADL nss/pam
configuration, and this question belongs on the nssldap@padl.com or
pamldap@padl.com mailing list, not here.

Ah, thank you, this was exactly the problem. I was using the wrong ldap.conf at the wrong time. That can get quite confusing for a newbie.

Apologies for hitting the wrong list.