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RE: client can StartTLS from ldapsearch but not getent/pam_ldap

man, 26.01.2004 kl. 07.49 skrev Howard Chu:

> We (Symas) always recommend that when building PADL's pam and nss modules,
> you configure them to use (e.g.) "/etc/nsspam.conf" for their configuration,
> instead of the default name "ldap.conf", to help reduce some of this
> confusion.

Although this is done with the best of motives, it would conflict with,
for example, RedHat's authconfig utility ("an interface for configuring
system authentication resources") which creates, modifies and and uses
/etc/ldap.conf. Many people seem to use authconfig and the RedHat
sysadmin docs advocate it (the fact that on RHEL 3, at least, it
thoroughly mangles /etc/ldap.conf is subordinate).



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