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Re: Compiling samba with kerberos and openldap

On Sat, 24 Jan 2004, S D wrote:

> Hi,
> What options during the samba compile should be added
> so that the OpenLdap and Kerberos are supported.
> Thanks for your input.

Wrong list? You may rather want to consult the samba lists, availble from 

If you have the appropriate libaries installed, samba-3.0.x will build 
with full kerberos/LDAP support, or you can ensure it does (or fails at 
ocnfigure) with "--with-ads=yes" (Active Directory support requires 
kerberos and LDAP). For samba-2.2.x, you need to pass '--with-ldapsam" 
IIRC (and you won't be able to authenticate users in the smbpasswd file).

Please direct further questions to a samba list.