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Re: Log files

--On Wednesday, January 21, 2004 2:10 PM -0500 Sean O'Malley <omalleys@msu.edu> wrote:

Is there a way to get the client connection IP address recorded in the
logs? Loglevel 512 looks is giving me almost exactly what I want. I have a
connection number but I am not seeing a way to match that to an incoming
ip address. I looked at the man pages and I am not seeing anything.

It is more for network/client troubleshooting and logging. I want to know
who is doing what(not that detailed) from where and when.

I think the answer is probably no, but I thought I would ask anyway. =)


It is entirely possible.  Here's an entry from our logs (loglevel 256):

ldap9:/var/log> grep "conn=500 " ldap
Jan 21 05:44:17 ldap9.Stanford.EDU slapd[25106]: [ID 848112 local4.debug] conn=500 fd=29 ACCEPT from IP= (IP=

As you can see, the IP of the incoming connection ( is perfectly logged.


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