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Re: LDAP anonymous and encrypted simple authentication


Vegeta <lord.vegeta@ica.luz.ve> writes:

> Tony Earnshaw wrote:
>> tir, 20.01.2004 kl. 16.12 skrev Vegeta:
>>> 1. anonymous authentication does not require encryption
>>> 2. simple authentication requires encryption
>>> Is this possible?
>> Why would you want to? Do you have cracker friends? Think it through
>> again. Read the manuals, follow the Quick start guide and then the Admin
>> guide.
> I currently have ldap (unencrypted) access on loopback ( interface
> and ldaps access (encrypted) on all interfaces.
> There is some (not all) data I want to make available via anonymous access
> and I don't need SSL/TLS to protect it.
> There is some sensitive data I do not want to make available via anonymous
> access, but through SSL encrypted simple (password) authentication.
> What is the security hole you see?
> I already read the Admin guide and it does not explain this setup.

ssf based access control.

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