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RE: Slaves taking up 100% cpu

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> Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> >
> > I've not seen anything that really forces me to move forward at this
> > point), but I do happen to know from *experience* that
> 2.1.22 had some
> > major issues. ;) And, in general, if someone writes to the
> list noting
> > that things aren't working for them, and it is an older
> release that has
> > had a number of bugs fixed since its release, do I want to
> spend a lot
> > of time tracking down their issue, when it could well be that simply
> > upgrading would fix it? ;)
> Of course not. But if it is a common problem due to bugs in a specific
> release, wouldn't it be better for everyone involved if it wasn't even
> necessary for them to post to the list (if they got an update
> from their
> distro and thus didn't encounter the problem)?

That's a fine fantasy, but that presumes that everyone who downloads a distro
registers themselves for updates. That's kind of like assuming that everyone
who downloads OpenLDAP automatically reads the -announce mailing list.

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