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Re: Slaves taking up 100% cpu

--On Tuesday, January 20, 2004 4:31 PM -0800 Jeff Leung <jeffleung@mac.com> wrote:

I'll have to look into this. Our performance is already pretty good
without the index. How much slower would I expect things to go without an
eq index as opposed to with one?

Well, I expect that your 100% cpu problem will go away... I'd guess (but can't confirm without really knowing your setup) that some of your queries are not ending up with any result, or any result quickly, which is causing slapd to have to parse through every entry, since you have no eq index. Maintaining indexes should *increase* your overall performance, not decrease it. LDAP is (generally) used as a fast-read application, and those fast reads are in great part reached by proper indexing of those attributes that are queried/filtered/searched against.


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