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Re: User Authentication Hangs.. I'm losing my sanity!

True... I pretty much went from RH8 nss_ldap 207/pam_ldap 161 to a RH9 system with the same versions. I've even upgraded nss_ldap and pam_ldap to the latest versions just for my own sanity

Because of the history of my original server (the OS being upgraded manually sooooo many times), I started having minor troubles compiling newer versions of apps (ie: I couldn't compile PHP 4.3.3). So, migrating to a slightly newer machine running a fresh install of RH9 seemed a logical step.

I *thought* I had the authentication mechanism working properly, but apparently I was wrong. :(

From the help I got here, it appears that my OpenLDAP installation IS working properly and the problem is the authentication layer.. It's pretty much what I expected since phpldapadmin, mod_auth_ldap, and ldapsearch are able to query and modify the databases accordingly.

The part that gets me now is that my test machine (a different vanilla RH9 box) works just find with the ldap server. getent hosts returns the right data and user logins work. Gack!!


What does your /etc/ldap.conf look like?

Absolutely. pam_ldap/nss_ldap have undergone a series of changes "since then" and who's to say whether Rich has updated in sequence?

That's where Rich should look, and seek his solace on the pam_ldap and
nss_ldap lists (www.padl.com).

Bottom line: Notwithstanding, RedHat 8's already a dead duck.