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Re: where is structuralObjectClass operational attribute generated ?

tor, 15.01.2004 kl. 21.30 skrev chuck@fiu.edu:

> As pointed out by an astute reader, I forgot to state the software.
> It's openldap-2.1.23

Ah. Let me say to begin with, that I have no replication experience
whatsoever. But the 2.1 Admin guide section 13.2 (about slurpd logs)
will tell you what an operational attribute is (is also covered in 8.
Schema Specification and 12. Constructing a Distributed Directory

Another poster implies that you may not have more than one structural
objectclass without setting schema checking off - this is not so. You
may have as many as you like, if the necessary hierarchy, including
SUPERIORs, is obeyed. Since it's not possible to see this from your
original posting (you include non-standard objectclasses), it's
impossible to comment here. Quite another thing is, that once your
database has accepted the structure for a given entry, you cannot then
go and delete structural objectclasses from that entry and substitute
new ones. You have to delete the whole entry and begin over from

If you use a recent OS and distro with gtk, try GQ (jump from
www.biot.com) - it'll teach you a lot about what you're trying to learn.
I'm using 1.0b1, self-compiled, on RedHat RHEL 3.



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