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Re: sql-backend

> It is very unlikely you can write your meta-data
> in order to entirely load a database, even for
> a very simple example.  Writing thru back-sql
> should be an exception; routine writes should
> occur directly in the RDBMS.


Note: I use back-sql with PostgreSQL and Informix Universal Server, both
via unixODBC.

Without creating stored procedures it is hard to imagine you can write
data into your database via back-sql.

If you don't have existing RDBMS data you need to 'graft' into the LDAP
tree (think meta-directory) then just use LDAP (back-bdb, which is
*@$*@#}$ *FAST*, BTW).

But I'll be creating a back-sql connection to MySQL soon, and I'll let
you know what happens.