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LDAP Proxy resolution by rewriting in meta-backend

Hi all,
I'm new to OpenLDAP, and I would like to know if someone can clarify me how the LDAP Proxy resolution works in the meta and ldap backends. As you can read in the slapd-meta man page, this can be used to initiate operations in remote hosts,by using the rewriteRules, but I've tried to use it and it doesn't work for me, so I supposse I'm not configuring it properly, or I'm not understanding how it really works.
I've the following configuration (in slapd.conf) for the meta backend:

database        meta
suffix          "o=company"
uri             "ldap://localhost:30389/ou=subscribers,o=company";
rewriteEngine   on
rewriteContext searchBase
rewriteRule     '.*' 'ldap://localhost:40389/%0' '@'

And then I do the following search:

ldapsearch -H ldap://localhost:20389 -x -b "o=company" SearchOn="yes"

As far as I understand, this should go to the target specified in the configuration file, and there the rewiting rules should apply, so the operation must be redirected to ldap://localhost:40389. Is it that way?, or am I missing something?, the thing is that it's not working as I expect, and the query is received by the server ldap://localhost:30839... so it seems the rewriting rules are being ignored.
Any help about this would be really appreciated. Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

   Aníbal Cáceres.