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Re: More information on the directory_administrator issue

> As previously stated I am having a problem when modifying entries in my
> LDAP using Directory_Administrator, 1.1.9 - 1.5.1.  I have since looked
> at  the OpenLDAP logs, yes I know should have done this sooner... and
> found  the following:
> "entry failed schema check:  structural object class modification from
> 'account' to 'inetOrgPerson' not allowed."
> In spending some time with google I found that as of OpenLDAP 2.1
> Changing  the STRUCTURAL objectclass of an entry is not allowed.
> So here is my question, what steps or process must I go through to
> resolve  this issue so that I can take full advantage of
> Directory_Administrator?

delete; add


Pierangelo Masarati