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Re: Had enough of this

ons, 14.01.2004 kl. 10.49 skrev Ace Suares:

> - - personal judgement is passed on, in personal mails ('you don't know shit so 
> don't even try, buddy'). That has been the most lousy thing happening to me 
> in the internet (or THE Internet) for years. I am very shaken by such utterly 
> demotivating remarks, made to me in personal and not even having the guts to 
> put it on the list.

Rotten trick and can be thoroughly demotivating.

> In my eyes, openldap is immature, and altough it's possible to get by with it 
> if you get it working one day and then stick to that version (in my case 
> something 1.x.x-ish), following new releases that have some features you 
> need, brings more pain than pleasure.

Choose a combo that works for you, with an eye to the shortcomings. I've
found this list invaluable for the latter. What's working well and
stably for me at the moment in my fairly simple environment (no
replication or referrals, no Kerberos, although I do use built-in
Openldap DIGEST-MD5 SASL and ldapi/SSL/TLS) is 2.1.25 with BDB 4.2.52.
LDAP is the heart of any installation that I carry out; services that
don't work without LDAP are useless and I find alternatives.

> This is my opinion. Now, normally, I wouldn't write this pragraph but on this 
> list I feel I should: I don't care a damn what you think of my opinion. 
> Normally, I do care, but this opinion will doubtlessly be dismissed with 
> something along the lines of: 'how can you have an opinion, becuase you don't 
> know about ldap.openldap/rfcxyz/C/C+/C++/C+++++++++ or some things that you 
> don't know  you don't know them.

Don't forget that's *exactly* what you've told me in the past (sed,
regexs, etc.) and I didn't go off in a huff and we are no worse friends
for that ;)

> Who gives a shit, I want this software to work and I *tried* to make it work a 
> million times and I asked questions and I tried to answer other peoples 
> questions but only when I have the feeling I got something to say. And it 
> aint working out between us, guys. 

I think you were in a bad mood when you wrote this. You'll probably feel
in a better one tomorrow/today/whenever you read the answers. Maybe
you'll just have made something work that didn't work yesterday; that
often happens to me.

> I think it's best that I leave this list, since I feel I am starting to get 
> vicious. I'll just stay a couple of days more to hear the storm pass over and 
> then I'll retire.

The list would lose one of its "characters". I for one would miss you.

> I really have to stop now. 

I dunno. I have a tendency to say/write what's in my mind and that's -
maybe correctly - classed as "unprofessional" by some.

Stick around, fellow.


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