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Re: Slapd dies unexpectedly

I should note that we are using a ldbm database backend, which (please
correct me if I am wrong), is different from the BDB backend as
described here: http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/893.html -- is
the BDB backend better suited for higher load, should we consider
switching? Is there some tunings like the above URL for ldbm?


On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Micah Anderson wrote:

> We have our system setup with a db3 backend using ldap authentication
> for courier IMAP/pop, postfix delivery, and user account
> authentication. There are some 4,000 users and things were going
> swell, until one day when slapd started not responding, this of course
> caused mail to bounce and people to fail to login. The only way to
> resolve this was to kill -USR1 slapd and then start it again. We
> continued to do this while we decided that maybe our .db files were
> corrupted, so late at night we stopped everything, did an dump of the
> ldiff and then re-added everything. 
> Everything went fine for a day or so, then problems started showing up
> again, slapd simply dies on its own. It seemed to die if there were
> more than a certain number of connections al at once. I looked for
> solutions, I installed nscd and tweaked my slapd.conf to have
> "idletimeout 20" and "threads 64" which seemed ok, until the next
> morning when even root could not login to the console (root is in the
> passwd file), it would timeout. A cntrl-alt-delete later I decided to
> remove nscd and put the threads back to the default 32. slapd died
> over ten times yesterday (restarting it seemed to work). I put the
> threads back to 64 and have only had to restart slapd two times in the
> last twelve hours (thats a big improvement)
> I've been crawling the net, reading archives and google search results
> for the solution, and I can't find what I should do, is my data
> corrupt in some way? If so, how can I verify the integrity, rebuild
> the store, or remove entries that are bad? Should I be tuning slapd in
> someway that I am not aware of? How have others tuned slapd to deal
> with growth and this many connections? Ack!
> I'm using debian woody (stable), debian packaged slapd version
> 2.0.23-6.3. 
> Thanks for any advice you can give, 
> micah