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RE: Solaris 8 authentication

This question is about pam_ldap, not about OpenLDAP. It doesn't belong here.
Since you're talking about using the PADL modules, I suggest you ask this on
one of the padl.com mailing lists.

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Hello all!

Many thanks to Patrick Radtke for recently helping me with ldap search
issues. I was able to narrow down my problem and reindex the database which
helped me be able to do an "su" in Solaris against an OpenLDAP database.
Moving forward, I now have another issue. I am trying to login/authenticate
using a userid in my LDAP database with an MD5 encrypted password. I am
getting "Login Incorrect" messages on Solaris (using PADL nss and pam
modules). Since my openLDAP 2.4 server will eventually be used with Linux and
AIX as well, how should I be storing passwords in my database? (i.e. MD5,
crypt, SHA, etc) Can I get Solaris to authenticate against an MD5 encrypted
password or do I need to use {crypt}?

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