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Re: Yet another question: objectClasses

--On Tuesday, January 13, 2004 12:55 PM +0100 Alexander Blüm <mailinglists1@gmx.de> wrote:


IS there a way of filling both private AND business categories of an
addressbook with MS-Outlook?

I read the faqs from http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/295.html
- including "LDAP Attributes Map to Address Book Fields?" (294.html);
which states:
Outlook seems to be oblivious to "objectclass" when retrieving data
from an LDAP server, and simply maps LDAP attributes by name as shown.
In other words, assigning an LDAP entry an"objectclass" of
ResidentialPerson does *not* cause the address information to switch
from the[Business] tab to the [Home] tab.<<

does that mean that OTHER programs are aware of these objectClasses?
if so would HAVE to combine "ResidentialPerson" and
"organizationalPerson". this causes the "invalid structural object class

Or do I have to now build a tree like this:
dn: ou=private,ou=people,dc=earth,dc=bx
dn: ou=business,ou=people,dc=earth,dc=bx

where ou=private would include only "ResidentialPerson" and ou=business
includes "organizationalPerson".

Entries can have multiple object classes. There is no reason to create separate trees for this.


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