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Window 2K Install

Title: Window 2K Install


I have been using OpenLDAP on FreeBSD for a while but unfortunately I need a copy that will run on Win 2K.  I have compiled under a VC 6 environment and I have been trying to get it installed on a windows 2000 server.  Here is my environment.

OpenLDAP  2.1.25
cyrus SASL 2.1.17
Sleepycat bdb 4.2.52
gnu_regex  ( I could not find an hs_regex that would work)

I started with the Release Directory and moved all its contents to the W2K server. I have overlayed the Win32_Debug slapd.exe to get debug messages to the console.

I used an old binary version packaged by fivesite (version 2.0.19) to create and test a slapd.conf base.

I then migrated it to my working instance and when I invoke slapd I get an error on  ucdata loading error -127

I found an email archive from October 2003 that suggested hand building the dat files with ucgendat and adding  their location as the ucdata-path to slapd.conf.  I believe that the issue surrounds not being able to read the files, but I have checked everything that I can think of to include:

directory permissions
file permissions
Modified the ucdata-path many ways to attempt to get it recognized.  Currently:

ucdata-path     ucdata

is the slapd.conf declaration where 'ucdata' is a subdirectory of the  where slapd resides.  The 7 .dat files are in that location.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to correct this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you