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RE: sasl UID mapping

man, 12.01.2004 kl. 02.21 skrev Paul Jakma:

> > Indeed. Most people have problems doing much of anything with
> > RedHat's bundled OpenLDAP. It's obsolete, throw it away.

I second this.

> Well, the box is running RH7.3, in itself quite obsolete. I guess 
> i'll have to dist-upgrade to Fedora which has 2.1.22-8.

Advice: do *not* "upgrade" to Fedora (an inherently unstable and
unreliable distro) from RH 7.3 (an inherently stable and reasonably
reliable distro).

Either find another, similar, vendor (Mandrake springs to mind) or keep
your 7.3 and upgrade the Openldap release using source tarballs or
widely-available rpms (don't forget that you'll need to upgrade to SASL
2 and your Berkeley DB at the same time). Obviously you could upgrade to
a stable RH version such as Enterprise Server 3, but that costs money.

I write this as a RH aficionado of many years standing :)


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