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Re: How to compile the LDAP C++ library?

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 10:59:15AM -0500, Matt Harp wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm trying to build the LDAP C++ api library under 2.1.25/contrib/ldapc++ on
> Windows right now.
> I've read the readme, but it appears to have not changed in the last 4+
> years and nothing it tells me in there works on Windows. It seems geared
> more toward the Unix build environment.
Yes the library is using the autoconf/automake/libtool environment. With
some work it should be possible to build it on Windows as well. I didn't
try it though, because I do not have access to Windows Development Tools
and am not firm with them. Help is welcome.

> Anyone know how to get this thing built, or even better where I can download
> the binaries w/o having to mess with building it.
> Secondly, anyone know what kind of functionality this library is missing, if
> any?
The most important part that is still not ready is SASL Authentication.
Most other stuff that the C library supports is also available in the C++

> Is the library maintained, or is it is just there?
I maintain it in my spare time. Which unfortunately hasn't been very much

> The README says it was some guy's graduate project, which worries me when
> I'm considering using it in a commercial product. I can't choose this API
> and then find out that some guy in his basement wrote it, and it's no
> longer maintained by anyone.
I didn't quite write it in the basement ;). BTW we are using it in some
commercial products as well.

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