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Re: addressbooks

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Alexander Blüm wrote:

> ok, thanks a lot!
> is it possible to somehow combine the "residetialPerson" with the "inetOrgPerson" ???
> I got an error as follows:
> Jan  9 01:57:21 earth slapd[543]: conn=0 op=17 ADD dn="cn=Alexander Bluem,ou=people,dc=earth,dc=bx"
> Jan  9 01:57:21 earth slapd[543]: conn=0 op=17 RESULT tag=105 err=65 text=invalid structural object class chain (inetOrgPerson/residentialPerson)

Regarding "invalid structural object class chain", have a look at this
FAQ entry:


If you decide to extend an existing schema or create a new schema by
defining your own objectclass (which is the proper way to "combine"
the attributes of two unrelated objectclasses), and if you are using
OpenLDAP 2.1, have a look at this section of the terrific (IMO) OpenLDAP
2.1 Administrator's Guide:


Kirk Turner-Rustin
Information Systems
Ohio Wesleyan University