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AW: EVEN YET MORE Problem building openldap

Hallo Walter,

I had to spend myself rather long time to figure out how to get OpenLDAP's configure to collect all libs. You are right saying that this particular version of configure is far from being handy. 

However, there are two thing which you have to take into account:

1) As soon as you've got openssl, berkeley, sasl, and gssapi libs, it is only a metter of time and effort to make configure to find all of them. Configure does not check funcionality of these components, it only links all together and checks what linker returns. Which means that:

2) you should pay attention to what Quanah said: after you've got configure to work it can be very possible that openldap will not work properly on your AIX with sasl and kerberos, however it is not your issue at the moment.

Now back to your trouble. In the last email you have sent me to my another address you've mentioned that linker could not resolve symbols like EVP_* and gss_*. First sort of symbols is defined in libcrypto, the rest in gssapi library. I also think there were symbols from libssl library unresolved. 

First option: add additional environmental variable LIBS in to the command line where your could include -lcrypto -lssl and another one for gssapi: like

LDFLAGS="whatsoever" CPPFLAGS="whatsoever" LIBS="-lcrypto -lssl" ./configure --bla-bla

Second option: fix configure script. Before trying to link configure script sets LIBS variable. Add -lcrypto and -lssl when it sets LIBS to "-lsasl2 $LIBS", or make sure that $LIBS has -lcrypto and -lssl always in it.

best regards, vadim tarassov.

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Von: North, Walter [mailto:wnorth@state.mt.us]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2004 21:08
An: Openldap (E-mail)
Betreff: EVEN YET MORE Problem building openldap

Thanks to 

Vadim Tarassov (and others whose email I inadvertanly erased thus
	losing their names) who pointed out some things for me to check
Quanah Gibson-Mount who informed me of kerb 5 issues and recommends
		heimdal 0.6
Dieter Kluenter who told me I needed cyrus sasl 2.1.16 at least
	(I found 2.1.17 and used it)

Unfortunately it still does not find the SASL libraries which
are in /usr/local/lib  libsasl2.a & libsasl2.1a

For some reason even tho I include /usr/local/lib in the LDFLAGS and / or
in the LIBPATH the ./configure cannot find it.

AFter all the suggestions and help it seems to come down to some 
problem between configure (or something) in the openldap dist and
AIX v5.2.

At this point I'm out of ideas as my knowledge of C is not great
enough to try to get /usr/local/lib in there.

Since I have had to put the include dirs and lib dirs in the CPPFLAGS
and LDFLAGS to get openssl, BerkeleyDB and anything else I wanted
on openldap is it possible something like libtool is busted as far
as working with AIX v5.2 is concerned?

Has anyone out there actually gotten openldap with sasl to compile
for AIX v5.2?

Color me Stumped.....

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Operating Systems Programmer 
wnorth (at) state (dot) mt (dot) us