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a frequent error is that the attribute contains more than one character, for example there could be a newline character after the 2, one or more white spaces or some control character, therefore you will not find it. You can try with 2* or with similar constructions order to find out if the attribute contains exactly one character, the "2".
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From: anis [mailto:anbenham@web.de]
Sent: giovedì 8 gennaio 2004 14.57
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is ist possible that the search functions are not supported by the openldap server?
When I try to search for an entity that has a specific attribute with a specific value, I get nothing.
But if I only search with the condition, that the attribute is present, i get results.
I mean, when I use the filter "myAttribute=*" ==> I get all results
but with the filter: "myAttribute=2" ==> I get no results, though there is an enitity with that value.
I am using v 2.019.