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"I have no name!" -- for root???

Hello, all. I noticed some network flakiness, and went to check on it by ssh'ing into my main server (which queries another box running slapd). When I logged in -- as root! -- I was informed

I have no name!@nebula:/etc/ldap#

I wouldn't even be sending this to the OpenLDAP list, except that when I plugged it in to Google, it seemed LDAP-related. What I'm really confused about, however, is that root, obviously, is a local account. This machine has worked fine for months, and while one of my LDAP servers may have had a hiccough, I don't really see why that would influence the local account. My /etc/nsswitch.conf queries files first (and LDAP as the only other entry), so I'm just plain puzzled. To top it all off, when I did an "lsof", I was informed:

lsof: no pwd entry for UID 0

Any ideas on what might be wrong? Is it LDAP-related, or no? I do have nscd running; any chance that that could become confused if it can't talk to an LDAP server?

Thanks much,

Ken D'Ambrosio
Sr. SysAdmin,
Xanoptix, Inc.