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invalid credentials

Hello Everyone!!

  I just installed openldap on my system running RH7.1 when I try to add an entry to the LDAP server I get invalid credentials error.
what could be the error.

I did the these things before I did ldapadd

included core.schema and inetorgperson.scheam to slapd.conf

suffix	"c=in"
rootdn "cn=manager,c=in"

I did ldapadd now with ldif file containing 
dn: cn=manager, c=in
cn: manager
objectclass: person

$ldapadd -f <ldif file> -D "cn=manager,c=in" -w <passwd> -x

this throws ldap_bin invalid credentials..

 where do you think I;ve done a mistake, please Help me in this,

Thanks in Advance 

	Vadiraj C S