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Do you have suggestions for LDAP book ?

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Dear List,
I recently published a book about LDAP, using OpenLDAP in all the examples Since I am planning to do a 2nd edition ( if my editor agrees ) I wonder what would be interesting for a newcomer to LDAP.
I would be very happy for any suggestion. I wrote this book with the newcomers in mind, therefore I tried to remember which problems I had myself more than 6 years ago when I started working with LDAP.
Thank you very much for any suggestion,
a very happy new year to all of you
best regards
Reinhard E. Voglmaier
in the same time I beg your pardon if you are not interested,
I put details behind this line
I attach the list of the chapters, if you are interested in more details, please let me know.
( title: The ABC's of LDAP, Auerbach Publications, you find more about it on amazon )
  1. The LDAP Protocol ( Introduction in LDAP )
  2. Hello World in LDAP ( a first example )
  3. LDAP Models ( The theory standing behind, the LDAP models, information, naming, functional and security )
  4. LDAP: Some practical details - distributed architecture
  5. LDAP APIS ( command line tools, C, JAVA, Perl, PHP, JNDI )
  6. LDAP Directory Server Administration
  7. LDAP and Web Services
  8. The Design of Directory Services
Appendix: LDAP RFC's and Drafts, useful LDAP links, Object classes and Attribute Types, Configuration of OpenLDAP, Replication of OpenLDAP, OpenLDAP Proxy Server
I think it would be a good idea to dedicate an entire chapter to OpenLDAP, promoting it from the appendix to a chapter.
Furthermore may be better also to pull out security question from LDAP Directory administration in a complete new chapter explaining things like SSL, SASL, Kerberos, these subjects are explained in the chapter LDAP Models, but I see from the questions on this list it would be good to find these issues in a more detail.