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authentication passwords

I'm confused and trying to work this out.

I am trying to use LDAP for backend authentication and trying to track
various methods of entering/changing passwords. I am also trying to put
the posixAccount & sambaSamAccount info in each user record.

My slapd.conf has (and I don't know how much this matters)...
password-hash   {crypt}
password-crypt-salt-format      "$1$%.8s"

Red Hat AS 3 - this might matter

slappasswd -s sunshine 

slappasswd -c $1$%.8s -h {SSHA} -s sunshine

slappasswd -c $1$%.8s -h {crypt} -s sunshine (per slapd.conf)

slappasswd -c %s -h {SSHA} -s sunshine (per man page)

slappasswd -c %s -h {crypt} -s sunshine (groping here)

I can't tell you what I get from using Webmin's LDAP Users and Groups
because I am at home now but I think it's a crypt method. User only
exists in LDAP - not in /etc/passwd

and if I simply type use the OS...
passwd <username>
sunshine (twice)

it adds to the users ldap userPassword::

seems to me that this is one of those details that I would rather never
knowing but I have to make peace between samba needs/posix
needs/customer needs to have simplicity in changing their passwords.

Evidently I don't get it. Point me in a direction?