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As you may have discerned from my previous message, I am interested in
transforming a unidirectional (replication flows from master->slave)
OpenLDAP architecture into a bidirectional (master<->slave) architecture
which would make use of some load balancing mechanism, such as multiple
DNS records (other suggestions welcomed!).

The problem that my company is facing is as follows.

1) LDAP is a central, vital component to their business.  If for some
   reason access to an LDAP server was not possible, many, many clients
   would cease to function.

2) The VPN connection between their two LDAP servers (each in different
   physical locations) may drop from time to time.

As it stands, there is currently no load balancing being done on the
LDAP servers---all the clients in one physical location simply access
the server at the same location.

So, I'm interested to know if it is somehow possible to implement a
fallback mechanism so that if the connection between their two LDAP
servers is cut, all the clients in one physical location will access
only the LDAP server at that same location until the connection is
restored, at which time the two LDAP servers would re-sync their data.

Any thoughts?

Anthony Chavez                             http://www.anthonychavez.org/
mailto:acc@anthonychavez.org                jabber:acc@anthonychavez.org