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Re: Tired old NTLM question

Tod Thomas [11/12/03 14:24 -0500]:
> Is there a way I can, within a windows XP client environment, provide
> *seemless* user authentication via LDAP?  I've looked at the Apache mod
> auth_ldap which works fine, but one of the customer's requirements is
> that under no circumstances should the user be required to authenticate
> again once they've logged onto their workstation.

If your Windows XP clients are part of a native-mode Windows 2000 domain,
then I believe that you can use mod_auth_kerb with Apache to allow users who
are authenticated in the domain to access sites using their Kerberos
credentials.  That stuff has more to do with Kerberos than it does with LDAP,
however, so its a bit off-topic for this list.

> Thanks - Tod (Sorry for cross posting)

Chris Schadl

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