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Re: Search by user objectSid (binary attribute) from windows Active Directory with OpenLDAP API

See examples in RFC 2254 <http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc2254.txt>.

At 11:46 PM 12/9/2003, Hagai Yaffe wrote:
>        I am using the OpenLDAP API version 2.1.22 to get data from windows active directory, I am having no problem with text attributes but now I want to search by a binary attribute, the objectSid attribute. I can get this attribute from the active directory but I can't perform a search by this attribute, is there a different syntax for searching by a binary attribute? Should I encode the objectSid in any way?
>this is the ldap debug output of my program:
>put_filter: "(&(objectClass=group)(ObjectSid=0105000000000005150000000B75D976E7CBDD7DDBEB0C5097350000))"
>put_filter: AND
>put_filter_list "(objectClass=group)(ObjectSid=0105000000000005150000000B75D976E7CBDD7DDBEB0C5097350000)"
>put_filter: "(objectClass=group)"
>put_filter: simple
>put_simple_filter: "objectClass=group"
>put_filter: "(ObjectSid=0105000000000005150000000B75D976E7CBDD7DDBEB0C5097350000)"
>put_filter: simple
>put_simple_filter: "ObjectSid=0105000000000005150000000B75D976E7CBDD7DDBEB0C5097350000"  
>        Any ideas or help would be great.
>        TX.
>        hagai.