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RE: what is the most stable platform to run openldap on?

I did not setup any additional indexes because all lookups are exact dn searches.  Would ITS#1812 still apply in this case?  Yeah I know it is probably wishful thinking :-)


--- On Wed 12/03, Howard Chu < hyc@highlandsun.com > wrote:From: Howard Chu [mailto: hyc@highlandsun.com]To: blueyonder@excite.com, openldap-software@OpenLDAP.orgDate: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 16:58:21 -0800Subject: RE: what is the most stable platform to run openldap on?BDB 4.1.25 is known to hang on multiprocessor Linux systems. See ITS#2812 for
a workaround. If you really want a rock-stable system no matter what, go back
to a uniprocessor machine.

By the way, BDB 4.2.51 should be out in a couple days, with fixes that make
it compatible with OpenLDAP 2.1. It may be worth trying that as well.

-- Howard Chu
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> Hi,
> What is the most stable platform to run openldap on?

Maybe a concrete cinder block?

> I am
> having a lot of stability issue with my openldap setup. I
> thought I do a survey of what other people's do to get a rock
> solid openldap setup. let me start off with what i have:
> hardware:
> brand: dell
> cpu: dual processor xeon 2.4ghz
> ram: 2 gig
> hard disk: 70 gig raid1
> software:
> os: red hat 9 (linux 2.4.20-8)
> file system: ext2 (tried ext3 before)
> openldap: 2.1.22
> berkeleydb: 4.1.25
> set_cachesize 0 208435456 0
> set_lg_max 209715200
> set_lg_bsize 52428800
> set_flags DB_TXN_NOSYNC
> performance target:
> entries - 2 million
> each entry - 4K byte
> queries per second - 30
> updates per second - 2
> unique entries queried in an hour - 60,000
> total disk usage: 13 gig
> I have not been able to get the system to run rock stable.
> Every week or so the system would hang. What combination of
> hardware and software that you guys have found to work well?
> Please note that performance is not an issue. In fact I
> would be happy to trade off some performance for more stability.
> -thanks
> James

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