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Re: 'quote-insensitive' search

Rafa writes:
> Some interesting questions for chaps:
> in "attributeoptions x-hidden lang-" what does lang- mean?

See 'attributeoptions' in 'man slapd.conf'.

Brief answer anyway: 'attributeoptions x-hidden lang-' defines the
x-hidden attribute option and the attribute option range starting with
'lang-'.  You don't need to add 'lang-', it just preserves the default
setup.  By default, 'lang-' is defined, but using 'attributeoptions'
undefines it unless you explicity re-define it.

> which is the attributeoptions syntax?

Not sure what you mean here.

> can I define my own suffixes?

Your own options, yes.

> can I define 
> suffixes for a specific attribute or class (or any object)?

No.  Options defined with 'attributeoptions' can be used with any
attribute type.  Options can not be used with object classes.

BTW, attribute options defined this way have no special semantics.  It
is the 'access' directive I posted which causes the subtypes of 'name'
to be hidden when used with the x-hidden option defined above.  If you
want to hide attributes that are not a subtype of 'name', e.g. 'uid',
you must add a directive like 'access to attr=uid;x-hidden by * search'.