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RE: BDB 4.2.50 [finally] available

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> Mine doesn't work with db-4.2:
> I get though the first 3 tests without issues then:
>  >>>>> Starting test004-modify ...

> ldapmodify failed (80)!
>  >>>>> ./scripts/test004-modify failed (exit 80)

> My master.log reports:
> <= index_entry_add( 20, "cn=Gern Jensen,ou=Information Technology
> Division,ou=People,o=University of Michigan,c=US" ) success
> bdb(o=University of Michigan,c=US): lock_downgrade: Lock is
> no longer valid

I got this as well. It's now noted in ITS#2848.

Since this problem never occurred with BDB 4.1, nor did it occur in BDB
4.2.42 (prerelease) I believe this is a bug in the 4.2.50 code. However, the
bug can be avoided and this has been fixed in CVS. This bug doesn't affect
OpenLDAP 2.2 because the fix was there already. (Precognitive programming...

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