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Re: LDAPMessage def

Is in <OpenLDAP directory>ldap/libraries/libldap/ldap-int.h

struct ldapmsg {
    ber_int_t       lm_msgid;   /* the message id */
    ber_tag_t       lm_msgtype; /* the message type */
    BerElement  *lm_ber;    /* the ber encoded message contents */
    struct ldapmsg  *lm_chain;  /* for search - next msg in the resp */
    struct ldapmsg  *lm_next;   /* next response */
    time_t  lm_time;    /* used to maintain cache */

* anil.

>>> Vadiraj C S <vadiraj@mail.cyberneme.com> 28-Nov-03 12:04:35 PM >>>

  Hello Everyone!!

   Has anyone seen the definition of LDAPMessage structure? My search was unsuccessful.. any one knows where is it defined?

  I could only see the typedef of it in ldap.h file..

Vadiraj C S