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MacOS X Mappings... (Was MacOS X logins very, very slow...)

(tho I did map RealName to uid). Actually if everyone has the same primary gidNumber you might save a query on macos x by using #501 or whatever as a static map. One might also be able to map NFSHome to /Users/$uid$ or the like and really go with only uid and uidNumber exposed but that would also require clever planning ahead of time :-).

So looks like the static substitution does work out of the box for 10.3 but the variable substitution does not. Means I can map PrimaryGroupId (usually gidNumber query) to #501 and it works but I can not map NFSHomeDirectory to #/tmp/$uid$ as per http://www.macosxlabs.org/documentation/cookbooks/wildcard.html and have it work. Those folks with 10.2 and Dan's replacement plugin should be able to make this work.

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