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Re: newbie: value of naming attribute 'something' is not present in entry

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> I have a problem:

Don't we all ;-)

> Another thing:
> When I connect with gq to my machine, it says: no schema information found
> When I connect to the other machine, it gives me a tree of all the
> attributes, classes, etc. that that server knows.
> What can be the difference?

Maybe you need something like this in you ACL:

access to dn="" 
	by * read

access to dn="cn=Subschema" 
	by * read


PS about the first problem, I don't know.
I do know this: if the attributetype is not defined in any schema you can't 
use it in the DN.
But the error you get looks like the attribute also needs to be present INSIDE 
the entry, and seeing your ldif file, it is. 

However, I am using 2.1.22 and I succeed adding entries that do NOT have this 
attribute inside the entry. 

I don't know what to make of that.

- -Ace

> Regards,
> Gabor

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