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BDB backend memory consumtion


is it normal that the bdb backend uses an extreme amount of memory on
64bit architectures?
I have installed openldap-2.1.23 with db-4.1.25 on a OpenBSD sparc64 box.
On this machine the test008-concurrency regression test with the bdb
backend needs around 300MB of memory (ulimit -d or limit datasize) to be
able to run.

So I measured the memory consumtion on OpenBSD i386 and sparc64 for

arch     | bdb    | ldbm
sparc64  | 290MB  | 43MB
i386     |  70MB  | 34MB

Now it is clear that a 64bit arch needs more memory but 4 times more!?
Especially becasue the are just 19 entires in the ldif. How much memory
will it need if I have a couple of thousand entries?

:wq Claudio